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The Tracker™ is an application that connects with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Tracker's Friend (TF) to visualize and analyze historical, live, and forecasted weather. Though many tools are available to visualize weather, only the Tracker™ gives you the power to use TF to do mission planning, communication analysis, satellite scheduling, and more, while including weather in the analysis.

Features include:

  • Apply weather to a specified area
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Analyze weather in reports
  • Fly through real and forecasted cloud cover
  • Access calculations involving clouds
  • Ability to merge weather files
  • Read multiple weather file formats
  • Apply weather to vehicles for line-of-sight calculations
  • Apply weather to vehicles for communication calculations
  • Search for weather files
  • Visualize missing data regions


DDR "How To" Webinar: Learn how to use the Trackerô tool to perform weather analysis in TF.


Company is excited to present the engineering and meteorological communities with version 1.3 of the Tracker. This version brings to a user's desktop the ability to analyze weather via access and communication calculations. Users can now visualize whether cloud cover prevents useful satellite pictures or communication with ground objects, in addition to reporting times when clouds are not obscuring the view. Also, live weather can now be used to determine the effects weather may have on communications, providing more accurate and realistic analyses and visualizations.

Tracker continues to provide a 2D and 3D visualization environment, easy to use reporting, and the necessary analysis to add meteorology expertise to mission planning. Whether a user wants to utilize weather in analyzing access or communications between two objects, reviewing a vehicle path, visualizing a particular region, or making changes to a mission, the Tracker is user-friendly, but powerful, software that allows users to successfully perform all of these important functions.

DDR & Company announce the release of Tracker, new software that imports predicted, real-time, or historical weather data into DDR’s TF software for analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets.

Company has released version 1.2.Click here to view additional features.

Tracker™ has joined DDR's product list.

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