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neithernor.net errata Welcome viewer, you have reached a landing page which exist solely to bridge the gap between neither/nor version 2 and the upcoming version 3, which will be completed February 2007. More on this below. a dash of philosophy Branding: branding fervor, to take a company or product and make it dynamically powerful and marketed, this is dedication and well joyous. All aspect of design and mediums are manipulated to the clients profit and hopefully to the greatest good of all. In the end, marketing is all about creating relationships and strong repertoire both personally and globally. I love it. Management: It can be as simple as creating a style that influences the “going away from” individual to those that “go towards,” customize to the team and the team will produce passionately of this you can be certain. Induce action strategies that motivate and inspire a team to it utmost potential this affect is key. Guided by a degree from USCD with emphasis in communication, psychology, sociology, philosophy as well as over ten years hands-on management experience, we can take a project powerfully to maturity and beyond. Passion: Bringing soul, mind and body congruently to any endeavor creates an energy that drives to absolute fruition. Passion, belief and power are essential to all efforts, everything matters from the simplest detail to the larger picture this is what separates mediocrity from artistic refinement. Learning: A student for life, continually growing and evolving. Studying and advancing in ever changing world combining constant classes, technical books, and management audio books in the car at the gym where ever, always learn. For often it is the act of education that allows our ambitions and our dreams to manifest. errata cont... Since returning, January 9th from a two month hiatus in Thailand, I came to realize that neither nor version 2, which is over three years old, was not up to web standards nor my own. While still aesthetically pleasing, yet it is technically lacking; very little seo, table based layout, no css, no javascript, you the sophisticated viewer would certainly appreciate more. Thus I present this humble portal highlighting a few of my favorite from scratch sites. But don´t limit me to that, please check the original for my multimedia accomplishments, from print, web, animations, movies and more, versatility transcends. Soon neithernor 3 which is guaranteed to be dynamic and powerful at end of the month loyal surfer. Thanks visiting: Peace be with you all -Brian Leppla 2-4-2007
----This was a temporary landing page----
For those of you who are curious about SEO techniques - I just got blasted from a PR of 4 to a 1, Ouch! The index page that did it looks close to: http://www.neithernor.net/google-evil-index.html
So I am trying this just for the fun of it - watch my PR and we will see what happens. Hope you all are doing well, and much love to you friendly viewer.